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Malta and Gozo have excellent medical care facilities. Medical care in general follows the recommendations of the World Health Organisation. Pharmacists are highly trained and have wide ranging prescribing powers, perhaps more so than in say the UK.  Most well known drugs are available here, but visitors with specific requirements should ensure that they bring an adequate supply of their medication and it is a good idea to bring a prescription along with you on your trip. All doctors on the Maltese islands speak English, and Italian is also widely understood.

Holiday Health Care

Health agreements exist with many countries including member EU states.  The European Health Insurance card replaces the old E111 form and makes it easier to get medical care quickly.  Currently, the EEA comprises of 25 member states of the European Union together with Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.  Your European Health Insurance Card is evidence that you are part of a health insurance scheme administered by another EEA/EU  state or Switzerland, and is valid for use throughout any of these countries, including Malta and Gozo.   For more information contact the health authority in the area where you live before you travel.

Health Care Insurance

For added peace of mind, ensure you are properly covered - click here for more information about private health care insurance.


There are numerous pharmacies throughout Gozo, and most keep normal shop opening hours, 8.30am - 12.30pm, then 4.00pm - 7pm.  A duty roster of pharmacies are open on Sundays and this is listed in the weekend newspapers and broadcast on radio, and often displayed in pharmacy windows.



Name Address Telephone   
Abela Health & Beauty Triq Giorgio Borg Olivier Victoria Gozo 21556170 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Azzopardi Pharmacy Triq il-Kapuċċini Victoria Gozo 21563233  
Batu Pharmacy, 38, Triq Palma Victoria Gozo 21551841  
Castle Pharmacy 2, Misrah l-Indipendenza Victoria Gozo 21556970  
Fontana Pharmacy Triq il-Għajn Fontana Gozo 21566979  
Ghajnsielem Pharmacy Independence Square Ghajnsielem Gozo 27203615  
Gozo Chemists Mgarr Road Xewkija Gozo 21557278  
Highland Pharmacy Triq il-Kappillan Frangisk Vella, Zebbug, Gozo 21564553 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Joyce's Pharmacy Vjal it-8 ta’ Settembru Xaghra Gozo 21561486  
Lauretana Pharmacy 36 Triq l-Mgarr Ghajnsielem Gozo 21563017  
Nadur Pharmacy 31 Pjazza t-Tmienja u Ghowrin Ta April 1688 Nadur Gozo 21563589  
Palm Pharmacy 2, Triq Palma Victoria Gozo 21566170  
Pisani Pharmacy Triq Sannat Sannat Gozo 21564447  
Sokkors Pharmacy Triq San Girgor Kercem Gozo 21553018  
St Joseph Pharmacy 28 Pjazza San Guzepp Qala Gozo 21555348  
St. John's Pharmacy, 85, Triq l-Indipendenza Xewkija Gozo 21563052  
Ta' Pinu Pharmacy 23 Triq Frangisk Portelli Gharb Gozo 27888128 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Taċ-Ċawla Pharmacy, Triq 7 ta' Ġunju 1919 Victoria Gozo 21557819  
Tony's Pharmacy Triq il-Qbajjar Marsalforn Gozo 21563617  
Vella Pharmacy Triq it-Tlettax ta'Dicembru Nadur Gozo 21566431  
Xagħra Pharmacy 157, Triq il-Knisja Xaghra Gozo 27551140  




Gozo has one government run general hospital at Triq l'Arcisqof  Pace, Victoria - telephone +356 21562700

There are also a number of Polyclinics in outlying villages and a larger one in Victoria, able to offer first aid and medical services

Ambulance - dial 196

Emergency Services - dial 112

List or Medical Doctors


Name Address   Telephone
Abela Dr. Anna Maria, M.D. Kohi-Noor' Triq il-Kapuccini, Rabat (Victoria0 Family Doctor 21552743
Agius Dr. George, MD
Trafalga' 'Capuchiness Street', Rabat (Victoria)     
Anastasi Dr. Bernard  F.R.C.R. MD
The Olaender Flat No.2 Triq Gnien Imrik, Xaghra
Aquilina Dr. Raymond, F.R.C.S(Ed), L.R.C.P, M.R.C.S, MD
Noctorum Sqaq il-Fgura, Gharb    
Attard Dr Jason M.D.
95 Frangisk Camilleri Street, XAGHRA    
Attard Dr. Veronica M.D.
'A La Marton' St. Blas Street, NADUR
Attard Dr. Ruth M.D. 
86 Triq l-Imqades, XAGHRA
Bajada Dr Stefan M.D.
Villa Bronja Tower Street, XLENDI
Trauma & Orthopaedics  
Bezzina Sultana Dr. Maureen  M.D.
Thistle Court Penthouse No.3 Triq Tal-Gidi, XEWKIJA 
Borg Dr. John, M.D. CCST(Psych) (Malta)
In God We Trust' Triq Gedrin, Rabat (Victoria)  
Bugeja Dr. Maria M.D.
'Jasmine' Cetta Mintoff Street, VICTORIA
Cini Custo Dr. Romina M.D.  D.F.S.R.H (U.K), M.R.C.O.G (U.K) 26 Church Street, GHARB    
Cordina Dr. Steve Mario, M.D., Dipl. Vasc. Neur. (ABPN), Dipl. ESN (Univ. of Minnesota), Cert. Neurosonology (ASN), Cert. NCC (UCNS)
19 By The Bastion Road, VICTORIA
Cremona, Dr Charmaine M.D.
32A Republic street, VICTORIA
Curmi Dr. Victor, M.D. MRCP(UK)
3 Triq Sir Pawlu Boffa, Rabat (Victoria)   21564875
Curmi Dr. Victor, M.D. MRCP(UK)
Marvic' Triq it-Tabib Anton Tabone, Rabat (Victoria)   21560237
Cutajar Dr. Martin MD
Ta Mannara' Triq San Pietru, Gharb   21564109
Dingli Philip Mr
  Cardiologist 21551841
Dimech Dr. Catherine M.D.
God Bless Canada' Mro Dirjano Lanzon Street Rabat (Victoria)    
Ellis Dr Natalie, MD
27 Triq Sir Arturo Mercieca, Rabat Family Doctor 21562634
Farrugia Dr. Marie Eleanor
‘Villa Farrugia’ Municipju Ruman Street, Rbata (Victoria)
Farrugia Dr. Frank, MD., MRCP (UK) DGM
Il-Ponta tal-Wiri' Sqaq il-Fgura, Gharb   21558382
Farrugia Dr. Joseph, M.D.
Roche Au Vent' Triq Sarg, Kercem   21551173
Farrugia Dr. Teddie George, M.D., D.A. Residence: 47/48 Pjazza San Frangisk, Rabat Family Doctor 21551223
Fenech Dr. Joseph
'Mariosa' St. Paul's Fief Street, KERCEM
Galea Dr. Ian, M.D. Nautilus' Triq il-Kapuccini, Rabat Family Doctor 21561456
Galea Dr. Joseph, M.D. 22A Triq it-Trux,  Gharb   21553133
Galea Dr. Ruth
Imberraq Vestru Street, XAGHRA Family Doctor  
Gatt Dr. Bryen Emanuel Teddy
John Mary Mansion' Gilju Street, Rabat Victoria
Family Doctor  
Grech Dr. Anton, M.D., M.Sc.(Psych.) (U.K), M.R.C.Psych. (U.K)  Daneville' Triq Pompej, Rabat Psychiatrist 21562969
Grech Dr. Coronato, M.D. Ta' Xewka' Triq l-Indipendenza, Kercem Family Doctor 21556206
Galea Dr. Francesca M.D.
 Marouska' Our Lady of Carmel Street, Munxar
Grech Dr. Humbert, M.D. 105A Triq it-Tigrija, Xaghra   21556870
Grech Dr. Joanna M.D.
22 Spring Street, XAGHRA    
Grech Dr. Joseph Francis, M.D., D.P.H. 63 Triq Ghar Qawqla, Marsalforn   21556197
Grech Dr. Maria M.D. MRCEM (U.K.)
Ta' Xewka Independence Street, Kercem
Grech Dr. Reuben M.D., EDiHNR (Austria), EDiR (Austria), FFR RCSI (Ireland), MSc (Edin), MRCS (Edin), FRCR (UK)   19 Archbishop P. Pace Street, VICTORIA    
Grech Dr. Stephan M.D.
19 Archbishop P. Pace Street, VICTORIA    
Grima Dr. Martha M.D.
Narcissus' Triq il-Madonna tas-Sokkors, Kercem
Jaccarini Dr. Carol John, M.D.,F.R.C.P.(Lond)D.C.H(Lond) Veduta Court, Flat 3 Triq il-Madonna ta' Lourdes, Nadur   21561473
   Kravchenko Dr. Oleksandr M.D., Spec. in Surgery (Ukraine), Dr. of Science (Ukraine) 
 Don Bosco Flats Flat No.1 Triq L-Imblokk Tal- Francizi, VICTORIA  Surgeon  
Magro Dr. Michael M.D. 
19 St John The Baptist Sqr, XEWKIJA
Masini Dr. Mario Victor, M.D. Ta' Germida' Triq Gnien Xibla, Xaghra Family Doctor 21557448
Mercieca Dr. Franco M.D. F.R.C.Ophth Ta Horace Triq ta’ Semper, QALA Ophthalmologist  
Mercieca Dr. Sarah Ann M.D.
Maria Carolina Cauchi Street, VICTORIA
Mercieca Dr. Victor, M.D., SPEC. PAED.(LEUVEN) 64 Triq il-Manwala, Xewkija   21560896
Mifsud Dr. Simon M.D. Gesu Redentur' Guze Flores Street, Kercem    
Pace Asciak Dr. Renzo M.D. M.Sc. (Health Information), M.Sc. (Public Health Medicine)
Marvic Triq San Xmun, XLENDI    
Portelli Dr. Julian Paul M.D.
Tower Apartments Flat No.6 Tower Street St Lawrence
Family Doctor  
Portelli Dr.  Mark M.D.
Iiris Sir. Luigi Camilleri Street, Victoria
Portelli Dr. Michael M.D.
29 By The Bastion Road, VICTORIA     
Psaila Dr. Anselm, M.D. Ave Marija' Triq Kercem, Kercem   21564898
Rapa Dr. Joseph J., M.D Ta' Cetta' Triq l-Imgarr, Ghajnsielem Family Doctor 21558637
Rapa Dr. Josephine neè Hili M.D.
Hienja Racecourse Street, XAGHRA
Refalo Dr. Michael J., M.D. San Mikliel, Triq Guze Cremona, Rabat (Victoria) Family Doctor 21562861
Saliba Dr. Mario M.D. 64 Triq ta' Said, Nadur Family Doctor 21553730
Scarrow Dr. Paul BM BS (U.K.) 
42 Gnien Xibla Street, XAGHRA
Sciberras Dr. Patricia neè Saliba M.D.
43 Soil Street, XEWKIJA 
Sciberras Dr. Patrick, M.D. Dar Anna' Triq Sannat, Sannat   21565678
Sciberras Dr. Robert M.D., M.R.C.P. (UK), Dip Health Mang. (Keele), F.R.C.P. (London), FRCP (Edin)
43 Soil Street, XEWKIJA     
Scicluna Dr. Ruth M.D. 
Mater Christi' L-Andrijiet Street, Munxar
Spiteri Dr.  Ercole M.D. Villa Loreto Bishop Buttigieg Street, Qala Family Doctor  
   Xuereb Curmi Dr. John M.D.
Lina Paul Portelli Street, VICTORIA
Family Doctor  
Xuereb Dingli Dr. John, M.D.
Thistledew' Triq Santa Elizabetta, Xewkija
Family Doctor 21553409
Vella DR. Ivan. M.D. F.R.C.S. (Edin), M.R.C.S. (Eng); L.R.C.P. (London)
40B, 'Hebron' Main Gate Street, Victoria
Ophthalmologist 21556170
Vella Dr. Joseph M.D. 
‘Asgard’ Triq is-Sajjieda, FONTANA
Vella Dr. Mignonne M.D. EFOG-EBCOG
56 'Victoria' Republic Street, VICTORIA
Zammit Dr. Christian M.D. 
3 Palm Street, VICTORIA
Zammit Dr. Marie-Claire M.D.
Sunflower Triq Bertrija , XAGHRA









Dental Services

Dentist Address


Dr Franco Mercieca BChD(Hons),  CDC Pjazza J F Kennedy  Victoria 21550660
Dr Marion Farrugia BChD Ta' Mliet Court/1 Triq L- Arcisqof Pietru Pace Victoria 21564722
Dr Tanya Casha Camilleri BChD 19 Triq Taht Putirjal Victoria 21559242
Dr Nicolette Camilleri BChD 19 Triq Taht Putirjal Victoria 21559242
Dr Kevin Galea BChD Abelas Health & Beauty 42 Soldanis Street Victoria 21556170
Dr John Michael Cordina BChD 19 Triq ta' Wara S-Sur, VICTORIA  
Dr. Melanie Cefai BChD Our Cottage Wardija Street, QALA  
Dr Joseph Xuereb BChD 7 Triq Sir Adrian Dingli Victoria 21557323