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Walking & Cycling

Gozo has some really excellent walking country.  There are many walking areas, which present a varying level of challenge.  Some of these routes are suitable for pedal cycles too.  The best months for this kind of activity are April, May, early June, then later on in the year in October and November, weather permitting of course !  Just a few favourite routes are shown here, and you would be best advised to plan your route well beforehand.   

Mgarr Harbour
From the harbour at Mgarr walk a short distance up the hill to Fort Chambrai.  This was built in the 18th century by Bailli Jacques-Francois de Chambrai, and is currently being developed into a resort area.  From here, make your way down rough paths which lead to the tiny bay of Xatt L-Ahmer (The Red Shore).

Sannat Area
From Sannat, make your way to the Ta'Cenc Hotel, then proceed along the country road leading south east to open countryside and cliffs.  About 2 kms west of Ta'Cenc is the valley of Mgarr ix-Xini and sea inlet bearing the same name.  The return journey is up hill along the valley by the road which leads into Xewkija.

San Blas Bay
Just north west of Nadur, you will find the bay at San Blas.  This is a small sandy beach, accessible only by a steep path !  It is worth the effort though, and from here you can actually cross the headland and walk down to the larger sand beach at Ramla ta' Hamra.  The Maltese name means 'red beach' and it is a very popular leisure area.

Restaurants & Bars

Gozo has a wide range of cafes, snack bars, pizza places and restaurants each offering an equally diverse choice of menu.  There's something to suit most palates and pockets! so here are  just a few suggestions from establishments around the island...


The Cafe Jubilee, It-Tokk, Govanni's, Cafe San Marino, Cup Cake, Dukes Cafe, Coffee Break.  Up the hill towards the Citadel, find the Garden Restaurant, Atrium Wine Bar, and the Cittadella and Ta' Ricardo. On the Zebbug road there is Gendus, past the roundabout Brookies.  In Saint Francis Square there are many snack bars.  On the main road opposite the school find the Tamarisk for a full local and takeaway menu.  Next to the Arcadia shopping mall there is MacDonalds, and the Red Rose Cafe just a little way down, then the Black Jack Diner over the road on the corner facing.

Starting out on the Mgarr road out of Victoria past the petrol station and past the traffic lights reaching the Mariblu Restaurant.  Keeping on this road further up the hill is Mistees.  Return to the traffic lights taking the road to Sannat and Ta' Cenc then find the Palazzo Margarita, close by is Il-Girna.


Along the Xlendi valley road, approaching the town is Il-Taverna del-Ponti and Il-Kenur restaurants. In town find Valley View on the right, Seashells and Val d'Or.  The Boat House, Bonitios's  and Village Inn.  Moby Dick's for Fish and above the  Huang Gong Chinese.  By the cove there is the Stone Crab and Karolina restaurants.  A little distance away find It-Mun and The Paradise.  St. Patricks Hotel offers waters edge view, facing the tower and bay is Da Manuel restaurant.  On to St Simon Street to find Ic-Cina and Il-Terrazzo.

Once in Gharb there is Jeffrey's, right next door to Gozo Glass.  By the side of Gharb church is Salvina's restaurant and the Water Hole wine bar just along the street on the right.


Marsalforn area           
Here you will find a very wide variety of eating places; just off the Victoria road is the Ta' Frenc, below find Il-Maxtura, then Tritons Lodge for Chinese or European food.  By the harbour the Cafe Romance, Dragon Chinese at the Calypso Hotel, then Republic, Smuggler's Cave, Odyssy, Mermaid, Pulena and Arzella restaurants. The Gauleon, Electra and Ritz can be found in the block by the valley.  Il-Plajja, the glass palace  has a good restaurant.  Smiley's for burgers. Il-Kaptan and Marlene D.  Fast food at Scallops and local dishes at Antida's, plus a Gelaterija.  Towards the far end, find Il-Kartell and Neptunes bistro's.  Up and over the hill to Qbajjar there is Chez Amand and next door Qbajjar Restaurant.  Farther along there is the Horizon and Seagull snack bar.

Between Ggantija and the church find Gesthers, then the Oleander in the main square.  Dixy does fried chicken.  The Cornucopia Hotel has a 5 star restaurant.  Then there is the Xaghra Lodge and Teasers on the way to Marsalforn Bay.


Nadur & Qala
In Zewwieqa Street is Xerri il-Bukett.  In Qala village there is ta Vestru for a great Pizza, D-Bar in St Joseph's Square, St Anthony's behind Nadur church. Try timpana and pizza from the Band, Bocci and Football Discovers.  Overlooking Ramla is the Almar with Martins on the road towards the ferry.


Ghajnsielem & Mgarr
There are couple of kiosks serving hot snacks, then the Seaview specialising in seafood.  Jason's Seaview Restauant and Pizza Marina, Up the hill is Huan-Yuan Chinese Restaurant, Sammy's and then the popular Gleneagles.  Quayside find Manoel's , Wigi's Winebar and Park Lim. Leading up from the harbour Ta' Pawlu. Overlooking the harbour there are two hotels each with restaurants, The Grand Hotel in St Anthony Street.  Towards Victoria find the Rexy in Mgarr Road.


The official languages of the Maltese islands are Maltese (Malti)  and English.  Maltese is a language of Semitic origin with roots that go back to Phoenician and Carthaginian times.  Over the years, it has incorporated many words derived from English, Italian and French.  It is a complicated language and spoken only within the islands; with Maltese spoken on Gozo being distinguished by its dialect.  Although the Maltese never expect visitors to speak to them in Malti it is  pleasing and good manners for both parties to be able to make and return the most basic of phrases and greetings in Malti.  English is the second language and is spoken, or at least widely understood by the vast majority of the population.  Italian is also spoken or understood fairly fluently.

Local Services

Local information and a few practical tips to help you during your stay, in alphabetical order...


Baby requirements
Baby specific items such as disposable nappies, infant formula and baby toiletries are readily available in pharmacies, and most supermarkets will stock nappies and a small range of soap, creams etc.,.

Banking facilities
Banks are normally open between 08.30am and 12.30pm from Monday to Friday, and up to 11.30 am on Saturday.  Some banks work longer hours.  Summer and winter opening hours may differ.  See our currencies page for exchange rates.  There are four banks in Victoria, APS Bank, Bank of Valletta, and HSBC, in Republic Street and Lombard Bank in Ninu Cremona Street.  Each of these banks have an ATM service and there are more ATMs with automatic exchange facilities in Marsalforn and Xlendi.  All the major credit cards are accepted in most retail outlets.

Buses on Gozo
Buses are grey with a red stripe along the side - the main bus station is in Main Gate Street Victoria.  Click here to see current bus timetable.

Business hours
Commercial centres and shops are normally open between 9.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. and between 4.00 p.m. and 7 p.m.
In tourist areas, many shops remain open till 10.00 p.m.  Shops are normally closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

The Maltese islands have a wonderful climate, with hot, dry summers and mild, damp winters.  Bring a coat for the winter months, jacket for cooler evenings and the lightest of clothing for high summer, July to September. Following a short rainy season Gozo is a carpet of green, gold and dotted patches of wild flowers.  Sea temperatures are good into October, and some say this is the best time for swimming.  Always wear a suitable sunscreen, even on  cloudier days, and bring sunglasses and a hat.  More climate details here.

The Maltese islands are a comparatively safe place to holiday, with very little violent crime.  Common sense though, should always prevail and the usual precautions taken against pick pockets or bag snatchers in crowded places.  Any incidents should be reported directly to the Police - there is a station usually in each town.

Disabled facilities
The Maltese Islands are not easy for travellers with disabilities.  Naturally, the terrain is often hilly and pavements can be difficult to navigate easily.  The Maltese and Gozitans can always be relied upon to provide help when needed, but it is useful to check ahead regarding facilities for disabled travellers.  Tourist information offices can advise on the suitability of sites and museums, and Malta International Airport provides help to disabled travelers on arrival and on departure.

Driving is on the left, as in the United Kingdom.  Go carefully, as you would in any country whose roads are unfamiliar.  Speed limits are 40mph on highways and 25mph in built up areas.  All current driving licences and international licences are recognised.  If in doubt, check with your local licencing department before you travel.

Fuel prices reflect international prices.

In Gozo petrol stations are open daily from 7.00am - 6.00pm, only a few open Sundays and public holidays, but most station are automated.  You can find stations in Victoria or on the road the Mgarr harbour.

Parking can be difficult and fines are imposed if you leave your car blocking an exit or in a restricted zone.  Tow zones have also been introduced and Traffic Wardens now operate.  Take care to read signs carefully before you park and use a parking disc where this is required - your car hire company will explain this to you.

Electricity & Water
Malta uses the British standard three pin plug.  Electricity is run on a 220-240 volt current. If you have the round two prong style plug then you will need an adaptor.  These are widely available in hardware and electrical  stores.

Tap water is perfectly safe to drink, but may taste different than what you are used to at home.  Bottled water is inexpensive and widely available in shops and supermarkets.

Flight arrivals & departures

* Malta International Airport plc
Luqa LQA 05
Fax: (+356) 21249 563
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Maltese Islands are an independent, constitutional republic. The President is the head of state. His role is essentially ceremonial as executive power lies with the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

There are numerous internet service providers on the islands and a number of internet cafes - in Gozo there are two in Victoria (Arcadia Centre & Aurora Opera House)  and one in Xlendi in the town square.

Gozo lending library in Saint Francis square welcomes visitors - there is also a reference library close by

Local tourist office
Tigrija Palazz, Republic Street
Tel: (+356) 21561419
Fax: (+356) 21550254

On Gozo the days newspapers arrive the following morning, with the exception of the Sundays which arrive same day.  There is a wide selection of most European publications and a good supply of international magazines and journals.  As well as Maltese language papers there are two English language newspapers, The Times and The Malta Independent.


Mario 57 Triq Putirjal, Victoria Gozo  +356 21556528

Joseph  28 Triq Putirjal, Victoria Gozo +356 21550099

K-Optilks Tigrija Palazz Republic Street Victoria Gozo

Malta and Gozo are free from rabies, so no animal may be imported from any country where rabies is endemic.  If you plan a longer stay and wish to bring you pet you must check the quarantine regulations applicable to your country.  Formal application should be made to:

The Director of Agriculture
Department of Agriculture
14 Mickel Anton Vassallo Street

Postal Services
Stamps are obtainable from Post Office counters, hotels, some shops and newsagents.  Letter boxes are often built into walls or are of the red British style freestanding  pillar type.  The main Post Office in Victoria can be found at: 129 Triq ir-Repubblika Victoria Gozo.  Mon-Sat 7.30am - 5.15pm.

There is also a poste restante service available and you should write in advance to the Postmaster General at: The General Post Office Auberge d'Italie Merchants Street Valletta Malta.  You should bring along your passport or identity card when collecting post.


Radio & tv
TVM is the national public television channel, broadcasting programmes in Maltese and English. There are also a number of independent stations which broadcast in Maltese, but have some English programmes.  There are many commercial radio stations and it is possible to pick the BBC World Service.  See local papers for frequencies which can vary.  Satellite and cable TV is widely available.

Religious Services
Malta is a devoutly Roman Catholic country, but all religions are tolerated, and services are held in various languages for foreign visitors on a Sunday.  On entering church, women must cover bare shoulders and plunging necklines.  If considered to be unsuitably dressed they may be politely refused entrance.  A similar principal applies to men wearing shorts - this rule is strictly applied at Ta' Pinu.  Please respect these wishes.

Sunday Mass in English is held at 10.00am at The Seminary Triq Enrico Mizzi Victoria Gozo
Anglican Service First and Third Wednesday of every month at 11.15am at The Seminary Triq Enrico Mizzi Victoria Gozo

Topless and nude bathing is officially against the law and is punishable by fines.

The telephone system on the islands is sophisticated and highly reliable.  You can dial any country on the international direct dialing system if you know the prefix.

00      International Code
356    Direct Dialling Code (Malta)
112    Emergency
196    Ambulance
199    Fire Brigade
1182  Directory Enquiries
1152  Overseas Operator
195    Time Check

Faxes may be sent from Maltacom offices located at Triq ir-Repubblika Victoria Gozo  -  many stationers shops will send and receive faxes also.

Visa & Passport information

It is always advisable to check about visa and entry requirements prior to making your travel arrangements.  If in doubt you can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for further information.  Details can also be obtained from:

The Immigration Police
Police Headquarters
Floriana. Malta.
Tel (+356) 21224001
Fax (+356) 21247777 and 21235308
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Malta is a member of the EU (European Union).  Citizens of EU countries have a passport with a uniform design, and this facilitates free movement within member states.  Contact your local passport office if you need further information, and before you make any travel arrangements.

Insurance Service

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General Insurance, House Insurance, Health Insurance, Motor Insurance,  Business Insurance, Boat Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance.


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All entities are regulated by the MFSA