Calendar of Gozo Events

Calendar of Gozo Events for 2014, information of coming events on Gozo for the year 2014.

Where to go, what to see, cultural events, festa, fireworks display, marching bands, exhibitions for 2014


Name of event Date T0 Description Location
Feast of Saint Paul (Marsalforn) 09-02-14   The titular feast of Saint Paul in Marsalforn including a Procession with the statue of Saint Paul along the main streets of Marsalforn accompanied by the Victory Band of Xaghra and Santa Marija Band of Zebbug  Marsalforn
Nadur Organised Carnival 23-02-14   A variety of costumes, dances, floats, hilarious sketches, kukkanja St. Peter & St. Paul Square Nadur
Spontaneous Carnival 28-02-14 04-03-14 Traditional unique Nadur Carnival December 13th Street, St. Peter & St. Paul Square
Carnival 2014 Qala 01-03-14   Defile`, dancing, floats, various competitions Qala St. Joseph Square
Carnival show Xaghra 01-03-14   The first Carnival programme held in Nazzarenu Square with the participation of local dance companies and including Carnival competitions for children and adults. The activity starts at 7.30pm.  Nazzarenu Square, Xaghra
Carnival main show Xaghra 02-03-14   The main Carnival programme held in Victory Square with the participation of the Xaghra Victory Band, Carnival floats, local dance companies etc Victory Square, Xaghra
Xewkija Carnival 02-03-14   The Karnival at 9.30a.m. the Banda Prekursur Band Club  at  there will be dance groups as well as the Carnival Floats. St. John the Baptist Square Xewkija
Festa of St Gregory 09-03-14   Procession with participation of St. Gregory Band Kercem
Xaghra Day Commemoration 26-03-14   Xaghra Day activity at the 'Dun Alwig Camilleri' Hall at the Victory Band Club. The honour 'Gieh ix-Xaghra' will be bestowed by Mayor Joe Cordina. The activity starts at 8pm.  Dun Alwig Camilleri' Hall at the Victory Band Club, Xaghra
Requiem (Durufle') 06-04-14   A Choral Masterpiece by Maurice Durufle' - Requiem. This will be performed by the Schola Cantorum Jubilate and the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. Entrace is free of charge and everyone is invited.  Basilica of Maria Bambina, Xaghra 7pm
Commemoration Our Lady of Sorrow 11-04-14   Procession with participation of St. Gregory Band Kercem 6.00p.m.
Sacred Music Concert 13-04-14 20-04-14 Sacred Music Concert by La Stella Philharmonic Band at St George's Basilica under the baton of Mro. Prof. Joseph Vella St George's Basilica
Concert 15-04-14   Concert with the participation of St. Gregory Band Kerecm Parish Church 7.30p.m.
Passion of Christ. 16-04-14 17-04-14 An activity will be held at Ta’ Blankas Olive Grove a representation of the Passion of Christ. Ta’ Blankas Olive Grove, Xewkija
Easter 20-04-14   Procession with participation of St. Gregory Band Kercem 9.00a.m.
Fair Festa by the Pond 27-04-14   Entertainment and gifts for the whole family San Raflu Pond, Kercem from 1.00p.m. onwards
Gozo Half Marathon 27-04-14   The 39th edition of the Gozo Half Marathon. For more information please visit  Xaghra Church Square
Mother's day Special Open Market 04-05-14   Special Open Market St. Peter & St. Paul Square Nadur
Feast of Saint Joseph 04-05-14   The feast of Saint Joseph, the co-patron of Xaghra Parish. At 6.30pm Procession with the statue of Saint Joseph accompanied by the Xaghra Victory Band along the main streets of the locality.   
RockAstra 2014 20-05-14   The second edition of Rockastra by La Stella Philharmonic Society under the baton of Mro Sigmund Mifsud  Independence Square, Victoria
Festival Fiore D’Argenta,  14-06-14 15-06-14 The festival Fiore D’Argenta, it is a festival of culture, music traditions, drama, folk, local food and family entertainment Xewkija
Feast of St John The Baptist 20-06-14 22-06-14 The feast of St John the Baptist. Xewkija
Agricultural Fair 21-06-14 22-06-14 Agricultural Fair, folk singing, dancing, wine tasting Dun Martin Camilleri Square
Figs festival in Xaghra 04-07-14 06-07-14 The fifth edition of the figs festival in Xaghra (dates still to be confirmed) Xaghra
Festa Our Lady of Madonna of Perpetual Help  13-07-14   Procession with participation of St. Gregory Band Kercem
St George's Feast 2014 14-07-14 20-07-14 Feast of St George, Patron Saint of Victoria and Gozo's Protector.  This year we will be celebrating the 175th anniversary from the arrival of the titular statue of St George, the first one in Gozo. Main Streets of Victoria
Feast of St Mary 12-08-14 15-08-14 Activitives, Fireworks displays, marching bands, Church celebrations, and Processions.  St Mary Cathedral and street of Victoria
St Mary Public Holiday 15-08-14   Public Holiday celebrating St Mary - mother of Jesus  
St Mary Traditional Fair & exhibition 15-08-14   Traditional Fair & exhibition Villa Rundle
Titular feast of Our Lady of Victories 28-08-14 08-09-14 Various activities related to the titular feast of Our Lady of Victories Xaghra
Feast of St John martyrdom.  29-08-14   There is the feast of St John martyrdom.  A traditional dinner is held with entertainment of song and music.  Afterwards there will be the ‘Huggiega of St John the Baptist’.  Xewkija
Nadur Wine Festival 29-08-14 31-08-14 Wine Festival - wine tasting, food, live entertainment Gnien il-Kunsill, Our Lady of Fatima Street, Nadur
Great Siege Commemoration 07-09-14   Commemoration of the Great Siege of Malta including a unique show by the Xaghra Historical Re-enactment Group in Victory Square. The ceremony starts with the Celebration of High Mass at Xaghra Basilica at 8.30am.  Xaghra
Qala International Folk Festival 2014 19-09-14 21-09-14 Folk dancing and singing, Traditional Maltese Wedding in the olden days, shows from various bands & singers Qala St. Joseph Square
Independence Day 21-09-14   Public Holiday marking Malta's independence.  
Feast of Christ The King 28-09-14   Procession with the Holy Eucharist along the main streets of Nazzarenu community accompanied by the Victory Band followed by a social event including wine tasting competition etc.  Xaghra
Nabucco 24-10-14 26-10-14 Giuseppe Verdi's opera at Teatru Astra. Booking is already open. Teatru Astra
Concert Xewkija 22-11-14   A concert will be held at the Centre Parish Church and a person from Xewkija will be commemorated with the prize of ‘Jum of Xewkija’ a person who worked without interest for the village of Xewkija. Centre Parish Church Xewkija
Republic Day 13-12-14   Public Holiday celebrating the Republic  
Christmas Market in Victory Square, Xaghra 14-12-14   A Christmas Market in Victory Square, Xaghra Gozo, between 9.00am and 1.00pm.  Xaghra
Christmas 25-12-14   In all location of Gozo  
Christmas Concert at Xaghra 29-12-14   The annual Christmas Concert at Xaghra Basilica. The event starts at 7pm. (date still to be confirmed).  Xaghra


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